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MEIHO logistics provides customers with import, export customs declaration, withdrawal, single invoice and other customs declaration, customs duty, certificate of origin, fumigation certificate and other freight forwarding services. Our company has adopted strict computerized management for customs declaration documents, which makes it possible to complete the documents in the shortest time and meet the requirements of the customer to refund the tax as soon as possible.
Precautions during operation:
1、Generally, the declaration is made through four steps: declaration, inspection, taxation and release.

2、 At present, all ports have implemented the paperless declaration process. The client prepares the electronic documents in PDF format, and requires the documents to be clear and complete, with the official seal of the business unit.

3、Due to the need for normal declaration of the paperless commodity inspection by the customs, it is necessary to provide the power of attorney, the ocean bill of lading.

4、If it is a commodity inspection, it is necessary to provide the original certificate of origin, and the non-paperless customs clearance process of the original certificate of implantation.

5、The acting customs broker USES the updated entry system for electronic input and sends electronic messages to the customs, sending electronic documents simultaneously.

6、After the electronic receipt, confirm the tariff amount and pay tax on the Internet. The customs has completed the electronic release,  at the same time, the customs clearance seal is affixed on the D/O sheet.