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MEIHO Logistics has a warehouse of nearly 8,000 square meters, which can provide excellent service for your company in warehousing and packing. Our warehouse trailer can be at any time to be out of the container, provide door to door service.
The company has rich experience in warehouse management and professional management team, through the scientific method, strict management system, advanced warehouse management system, to provide economic, safe, accurate and real-time warehousing service, warehousing management, homework mechanization and the safety of network information.
Company has 42 tons, 37 tons, 15 tons container forklifts and various small and medium-sized vehicles more than 20 units, 107 container trucks and 25 a white card, and continues the specified, overweight container cargo transportation, transit transportation of railway wagon to warehouse, built-in dial the goods between the warehouse to warehouse, play tray with membrane, fumigation agents, transport service coverage in major cities across the country and its surrounding areas, warehouse 24 hours to provide you with attentive service.
The company USES the advanced warehouse management information system, bar code technology, logistics companies through new continents online storage management information platform, form the company in a nationwide warehousing network management system.
The company implemented a series of management  for the warehouse, including resource planning, customer management, contract management, order management, inventory management, in the library management, inventory management, warehouse management, loading and unloading early warning, quality control, business settlement, report management and statistical analysis, etc.
We also provide real-time inquiry into the warehousing, allocation, inventory and inventory information, barcode information of goods and other services, and realize the network informatization of warehouse operation process and management.