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Shanghai Meiho International Logistics Co., Ltd was registered and established in 2012 with the approval of the ministry of transportation, the state administration of industry and commerce and the ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation.

MEIHO Logistics is a large logistics company with a full range of integrated logistics functions including first-class international freight forwarders, international air cargo transport agents and warehousing logistics in Shanghai.

The company strategy is to integrate market resource, then to integrate industries. With the unique operation philosophy and spirit of innovation, MEIHO Logistics Online Service Ltd. has already established hundreds of branches and affiliated members in both domestic and overseas markets. It has also achieved strategic business partnership with dozens of international ship owners and airlines. Moreover, it has established stable cooperation with hundreds of overseas freight forwarders and formed a global service network.

With yeas of logistics experience, rich industry resource and global network, MEIHO Logistics Group Co., Ltd. is the first in industry to create an innovative business model of Resource Integration, E-Commerce and Centralized Purchase. This new model lowers the cost, improves the service for customers, and also accelerates the company development.All these strategies enhance the core competitiveness of the company.

General target of future strategic development of MEIHO Logistics Group is to provide the customers with instant, low cost and full range of one-stop integrated logistics service relying on global service networks and online e-commerce platform by relocating resources and centralized purchasing, so as to become one of the most powerful and competitive logistics service suppliers globally.