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The customer of this shipment is a senior leader of an aviation technology accessories company. The difficulty of such goods is that there are a small amount of 2.2 dangerous gases in the buoy. Here is the transport process:

The first step    Communication investigation
That guests have 2.2 class goods need to transport of dangerous goods, according to the requirements of dangerous goods transport to communicate with the customer to obtain the MSDS and certificate of dangerous packages, but this level of dangerous gases have these also not by transport, the transport requirements of our clients is very urgent, then through my company the assistance of the ministry of commerce of inner associated institutions in a short time the level of the export of dangerous goods transport certificate.

The second step    Develop transportation plan

According to the information I have learned, I negotiated with the guest and provided two sets of transportation plans. The first solution is to go by air, change packaging and design safety positions for the goods that need to be transported, but the good customer requires door to door service, and the scheme is bankrupt.
The second plan is to take international express, which is also a special airlift, but it is the most suitable for the customers in terms of transportation limitation and convenience, and customs declaration and customs clearance. The result of communication with the customer is to deliver the customer's goods smoothly through express delivery.

The third step    In the packaging

After confirming the packing with the customer, I found that the packaging of the customer's goods was not in conformity with the international express delivery mode, so it was replaced with the packaging for the safety and convenience of transportation.

The fourth step    Booking, Customs clearance and Transportation

In order to prevent the goods from being affected by damp and violent shaking, we also have to deal with the materials, especially the non-real wooden cases, so as to ensure the goods are intact. When packing, we in guiding according to the characteristics of the goods at the scene layered ordinal pattern, to prevent the goods due to hull shaking in the maritime transport of the goods shift, also in the container to consolidate.

The fifth step    Summary of experience

(1)To dangerous levels so items to query and classification, in order to understand the physical properties and chemical properties of such goods, and the damage of the dangerous goods may be to understand and control, the need for special packaging for these items. You also need to be careful when handling and placing.

(2)The number of the boxes is numbered, and the list of goods is made, so that the boxes and items can be clearly matched. When you are looking for something, you will soon know which box you are in, improve your work efficiency, prevent the loss of goods, and make it easier for the goods to be shipped to your destination.

(3)In the whole process of operation, we find the links that we cannot control, and we need to communicate a lot about these links.

(4)Customer pay special attention to the effectiveness of items, we need time to help the customer to the value of each item in the minds of everyone is different, maybe this item is not much money, but may have a special meaning for him, cannot be measured by money. Therefore, it is very important to distinguish and clarify the place where the customer is most concerned about the object.

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